Saturday, September 22, 2012

My Little Yellow Table

This is another piece of furniture I got out of Jeff’s grandma’s house recently. It is currently being used as an end table in the guest room and needed some TLC. It needed to be sanded down and either restained or painted. Since I have always wanted to do some stenciling on furniture, I thought this would be a great piece to try it out on. Let’s just say, that I had a few “oops” with this project (I seem to have lots of those lol) but I think it turned out ok in the end. Here it is as I got it:
I sanded it down and spray painted the whole thing a soft yellow. The same color as these pots.
Ok, so here was the fun part! I laid out a stencil that I found a the craft store and taped it down, got out some white paint and a roller and went to town. I thought it worked great until I pulled the stencil up and realized that the white paint bled all under the stencil so it looked HORRIBLE!! I was not happy! Since I had used spray paint it’s not like I could just go touch up the smears. ugh!!!!!
Turns out you should read the instructions first! ha! I should have sprayed the whole back of the stencil with repositionable spray adhesive first to make sure every square centimeter is tightly up against the surface. Now, I know for next time I stencil a table! ha
After I cooled down and the paint dried I dug through my cabinets and realized I had a quart of yellow paint I had used several weeks ago on some other stuff. It matched pretty darn closely and you couldn’t even tell where I touched up from the original spray!! SCORE!!!
It took about 2 hours of tedious work and I was about cross eyed by the end, but I was able to get the lines all straight.
Thanks to Home Goods, I was able to do this whole project with accessories for just about 50 bucks! Works for me!! I think the yellow looks great next to the soft grey/purple walls, and the ash wood lamp with linen shade and textured frame with baby picture complete the set!

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