Friday, October 26, 2012

Baby #3!!

baby #3
Yep, this is the reason for so few posts lately.
We are so very excited about another addition to our family but we know a few things for sure:
1. This is our last baby. I had always had dreams of having 4 but having them so close together has proven to be harder than I ever anticipated and I am crazier that I ever thought I would be lol. BUT I am sooo very GLAD we have had them all so close together. I want them to be best friends like me and my sisters. I think that is one of the greatest gifts parents can give; sibling love. baby #4 will just have to be a puppy lol
2. with my sister expecting her 3rd baby girl and with my 2 girls, it’s hard to convince me that this one will be a boy. For a while I was really hoping to have a boy but I think that if it’s a girl they will have a bond that can’t be replaced and if it’s a boy I am sure they will have a different kind of bond that is equally as special. I just can’t speak from experience here since I don’t have any brothers. Anyways, I can’t wait to find out what it is and I am truly happy either way.
3. He/she is due June 1. I am glad I will be done before it gets too hot!
4. I am already in maternity clothes. I am only 9 weeks along and my jeans are already very snug. With my first baby, Avery, I was so stubborn and forced myself in my jeans for as long as I possibly could. This time, I am all about the stretchy pants and comfort level. I really could care less. lol
5. I have never had any morning sickness and I still have not had any with this one but I have been much more hormonal! I barely have the energy to get up off my butt everyday but I can’t get away with being lazy anymore. I am lucky to get 5 minutes to close my eyes while Norah naps and Avery “rests.”
6. I am so over being pregnant. I have never been one of those people that just LOVES being pregnant and relishes every minute of it. I have pretty easy pregnancies so I should appreciate it more, but I am extra ready for this one to be over. Mainly because I know that I will finally be able to loose the baby weight and it will be for good! I am an extremely self conscious person so dealing with pregnancy weight gain is hard for me to swallow. 
7. Although on one hand I say I am ready for it to be over, the other part of me is so nervous about the aspect of 3 kids! I wasn’t nervous at all with my first baby and that was a true life changing event. Baby #2 wasn’t scary to me since I felt like I had the baby thing down and I have 2 hands so 1 for each baby. Now, I will have 3 and I am so scared that I will never sleep again and I am worried that I will not have enough hands to go around every day. I keep telling myself it will be find and people do it everyday but I get freaked out. hopefully it’s just the hormones because these feelings didn’t surface till recently.

We find out around Christmas what the baby is so I will be waiting to do any nursery decorating until then.
Please pray with us for a happy healthy baby! Smile


Stori Wann said...

I am so excited!!! I got into Texas last night and I can't wait to see you soon.

audiolestwo said...

Your pantry FB post brought me to your blog...

You are very talented with your photography and blogging. Congrats on baby #3. Yes, parenting is much more work than I ever expected. I had to laugh and ask Les what have we gotten ourselves into the other night when he was on his hands and knees under the kitchen table sweeping up rice that Trent decided he didn't want!

Your posts are enjoyable to read. Your pantry looks great! And that wasn't by no means a small accomplishment. =) Just sitting down to type out your description would be huge for me! -lindsay costales


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