Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Super Easy, Quick, and Cheap Christmas Wrapping

The decisions I make these days are pretty much based on what’s the easiest and quickest yet cheap and pretty. Christmas wrapping is no different! I used to go WAY over the top wrapping my Christmas presents; using cinnamon sticks, pine cones, gorgeous ribbon, and even hot glue! Let me say, they were gorgeous but that took me FOREVER to wrap each present. So, this year I have chosen to use a Pinterest inspired design using brown packaging paper, stamps, and some simple green ribbon. I personally love the way it turned out and I love how quick and easy it was!
Each one has a snowflake stamp, too! Smile
Even used some brown lunch bags for the dog’s gifts
It all looks great under the tree!
I really wish Santa could wrap in the same wrapping paper!


Anonymous said...

they were so pretty (sob),,,,,,,

Anonymous said...

They were so pretty (sob),,,,,


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