Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Playroom Makeover… Part 2

I mentioned a while back that I am working on transforming our playroom/office into a more functional space to also become our guestroom.
It is still a big work in progress but we were able to finish a huge part of the makeover this weekend. With enormous help from my dad, we built these shelves for all of the toys. Words can not describe how much I love it and how thankful I am to have a dad who was willing to build these with me and come spend a whole day assembling them!! I have a wonderful husband too who is always there to help me out during my crazy projects Smile
I want to do a before and after picture but I really want to do one big post showing the overall transformation. I couldn’t pass up doing a special post for these shelves since they are so wonderful and took a lot of work!
Here it is in all it’s glory! there’s even a very snug spot to fit around the TV mounted on the wall. (I say “snug” because I gave just enough space around it to barely get it mounted and all the plugs down the whole in the wall behind it). The top shelves are stuffed with stuffed animals. I could really get rid of some of these, or at least find another way to store them, but for now it works. Plus, that is about 7 feet up so I can barely reach it so I don’t want toys they play with regularly up there anyways.
Adjustable shelves for different size cubbies and toy boxes. Speaking of, when we went to put the shelves on, we realized we miss measured the holes so we had to go back and re-drill all of the holes. It was such a pain to try and get the shelves even and level at that point!! Thanks for your patience, dad!!
Shelves up high for DVDs so the girls can’t get to them anymore
I went out and got different size plastic boxes for every toy that has multiple pieces. Isn’t organization a beautiful thing??!!
I ordered a Melissa and Doug magazine rack for all the board puzzles that they got for Christmas. 1 was just enough for all of them but I will need to order another one very soon. It’s wonderful!!
Unfortutely, as large as this shelving system is, I am out of room already!! I had to put all of their books on the other built-ins in here, but I am hoping that for every birthday and Christmas I can just keep going through the toys and getting rid of stuff that they don’t play with.
This has also began to force some disipline on us. Since they can’t reach everything (especially Norah) they have to ask for something to play with. This allows me to start enforcing the “put your toy away before getting a new one out” rule. We aren’t perfect about it, but in the past few days, the mess has stayed under control a thousand times better!
Hopefully within the next week or 2 I can reveal the whole room! Smile

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