Saturday, March 9, 2013

Heirloom Wedding China

I realized that I never posted about this since I hung these during my “hiatus” from blogging.
I have seen collages of plates on walls before and I thought that would look really pretty in our dining room since we have some small square windows high up that are too funky for window treatments. I then thought that it would be awesome if I could call around and collect a piece of wedding china from relatives just hoping to get a few but fully expecting people to tell me they didn’t want to give up a piece. Look at how many I was able to get!! Thanks to my wonderful grandma, who is amazingly organized and remembers everything about everyone and everyone name, birthday, anniversary, etc, she had lots of pieces from relatives I didn’t even know. It was so much fun going through the family trees to find how exactly I am related to some of these people. She even labeled the back of the ones she sent so I can remember. I can bet you that a few of these pieces are at least 100 years old! I was also able to find several from Jeff’s side of the family too. I have mine, my 2 sisters, my mom’s, all 4 grandma’s and then some up there. I love that this is not just a collage of random plates I found at thrift stores or such, but there is a story behind each one! I hope this wall can continue to grow over the years!
china wall

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