Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Norah’s Toddler Room Reveal

I am finally finished!!
Her grey and pink room turned out very pretty and simple and I think it is something that she can easily grow up with.
I am so incredibly happy with the way the bedding turned out. I made it into more of a duvet cover than a quilt, but I think it is beautiful and I wish it was mine! lol  I included some close ups of the rosettes I gave the tutorial on. Unfortunately I have to keep it turned down since it is too heavy for her right now, so I have a think grey blanket on there. At least that gets to show the pretty back fabric.
The bedrails kind of throw off my groove, but they are too hard to take on and off the bed, so that’s just the way it is!
The bed frame that I found started out as a grey distressed finish but there was just something “off” about it and there was just too much grey so everything was blending together. I needed it to pop like my original plan of the iron bed would have. So, I got brave and painted it black. I know some people may think I am crazy for doing that but I really like it and it makes the bedding pop and gives some contrast against the grey walls and furniture.
The walls are kind of a blue, green, grey color. very soft and pretty.
I got the white plaster pieces from Target. I love the texture and they give a little femininity without being too “girly”
Her name block was cut out by my father in law when she was born and I just happened to paint it pink and white at the time. Another one of those times when a past project happens to work out later.
I have had the pink lamp since Avery’s first nursery. Another perfect reused piece!
The shelves were in the room already, I just moved them. The long one is holding my collection of music boxes from when I was younger. The small one has a few night time books and has some piece glass knobs that I use to hang her bath time hooded towel on. (she LOVES that towel!)
Her favorite teddy bear and blankey are on the bed.
I got a small iron bird cage at Hobby Lobby (intending to match the iron bed, but I think it still goes). I found the small ceramic bird there, too for $4 and spray painted it pink to match.
She has her baptism certificate hanging up with a  cross that was given to her at her baptism that I have been meaning to hang since she got baptized as a baby.
The “boys have cooties” sign was given to me at my first baby shower and I think it is adorable and hilarious. I hope she remembers that! ;)
The jewelry box was given to her by her daddy when she was born. He got Avery one too so I guess he needs to work on filling them up now! lol
The classic Pooh and Piglet are just some stuffed animals that we have had that I thought were sweet in there.
I found the curtains at JCPenney for only $30! I love that the shape in them mimics the shape of the night stand legs but part of me thinks pink curtains would have been better. hmmm too late now, not changing them. The rod was the one I had hanging in there already and since I didn’t want to throw out a good rod I just spray painted it to a black color.
The pink oval mirror I found at a furniture resale store for only $45! It had a gold frame so all it needed was some pink spray paint and hangers on the back.
Hope you like it!
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