Friday, May 3, 2013

Semi-Homemade Crayons

This was a Pinterest inspired project but it is not exactly a new concept.
I tell my sister all of the time that she needs to be the one with a blog since she does stuff like this all of the time, but she isnt really into the whole “blogging” thing. In fact, she doesn’t even read mine or friends unless I ask her to lol.
She was here last week and we decided to clean out my crayon box of all of the old broken crayons and melt them to make new ones. She had these silicone molds that were in shapes of vehicles (cars, boats, airplanes) so we thought it would be the best thing to use.
It’s really pretty self explanatory, but we simply took all of the crayon bits and pieces and filled the mold.
Put them in the oven on 350 degrees (I bumped it up to 400 after it was taking a while)
Once the were completely melted and all of the chunks looked like they were gone, we pulled them out and let them cool
Voila! new crayons that the kids LOVED! A quick, easy, “kid tested, mother approved” kind of craft that didn’t cost anything, cleaned something up, and made the kids very happy. Win-win for sure!
My sister remembers doing this as a kid using egg shells. I don’t remember this, but she said our dad would hollow out an egg (like making confetti eggs) and fill them with the melted crayons and then when it cooled, peel the shell off. Like I said, not a new concept, just a different way to do it. Oldy but goody craft, guess you could say.
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Hannah Riemer said...

I have a snowflake pan we should use at Christmas time!


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