Friday, July 17, 2009

Book Worm

So I finally finished the Twilight Series about 3 weeks ago. (I just realized that I never posted about it.) I have to say that for the longest book of the series, Breaking Dawn was a bit disappointing. The ending was so anticlimactic that I almost cried out of disappointment! The story was very cute over all and I still LOVE the series, but I can't help but be a bit sad about the way it all ended. I can't wait to see the second movie coming out this fall! :)

My next series to tackle is Harry Potter. I know, I know, it's a bit cheesy and childish for someone my age to be reading, but I feel a bit out of the loop. Besides, after the Twilight series, I am kinda into the whole "magical"/"fantasy" genre. (Jeff is a bit worried that I am going to start dressing in all black, dye my hair, and get really pale... believe me, he has nothing to worry about since I love color, scared to death of dyeing my hair, and love laying out in the sun! lol)
Since I only saw the first movie, Stori has given me the first 2 books to read before I tackle the movies; and since the 5th (or is it the 6th?) movie just came out, I figured it's about time I catch up! I finished the first book, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone last night. It was really cute and very easy reading so I finished it really fast. I hope to get the second one read this week while I am laying on the beach in Florida! :)


Stori said...

Childish? Childish? Oh you wait Madam... it is far from childish. It has a truely wicked villain and is very, very dark, and illustrates perfectly the classic struggle between good and evil. (Unlike the morally ambiguous Twilight series...) Things start to really turn in the 3rd book, and by the 5th book you'll be aching with anger and wanting to jump into the books to fight evil right along side Harry! Nick and I are reading the series now, and he is loving it, which is not like him at all.

The Raifords said...

I'm almost finished the 3rd one - can I borrow Breaking Dawn too? Don't think I'll read the Harry Potter books - Corey started them and was really enjoying them until he was introduced to the X-Box - LOL - now his life is consumed with that


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