Friday, July 24, 2009

LOST season 6 previews

I was doing some searching on YouTube when I found these videos... They are pretty awesome! I wish I could find a bit more, though! 6 months to go!
I found this blog about season 6; it is pretty awesome to read. Also, there is a lot of speculation (mentioned in this blog and elsewhere) that Charlie will be returning! (I sure hope so!!) Here is the Promo that started the chatter where Dr. McDreamy says "you're so dead" and Charlie responds with "Actually, I was." Who knows what this means, if anything... :

If you notice on this last video the date is October 12, 1492. This would be Colubus Day. So, is this really the Black Rock, or is it Columbus looking for the New World...??? There is more than just one ship so if it is the Black Rock, what happened to the other ship and how did it get to the middle of the island. Also, whoever it is that they keep focusing on seems to be very relieved to have found the island. Was he looking for it specifically, or did he think it was the New World? Are they referring to the fact that Jacob said he brought them to the island in the season 5 finale?.....Any Thoughts?


Stori said...

The last video isn't from Lost. Its from a movie called 1492 starring Gerard Depardieu, it came out in the 1990s some time. I remember enjoying it. These videos are all a form of fan fiction, I think.

I enjoyed the videos too.

Texas Lady said...

at the end you can hear the monster in the woods... Probably added by the person that posted this video...
I wondered how legit they were since they are just off YouTube, but it's still fun to play around to see what people are thinking.


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