Wednesday, December 16, 2009

I can't wait to cuddle up with this...

So it has been on my long list of things to do to make a new robe.
I have become kind of a "robe-snob" while trying to shop for a new one. There were so many things I needed it to have...It had to be thin, preferably cotton, since I get hot easily and would be using it to get ready in the mornings in; had to have long enough arms (hard to come by for me); had to be long enough that my booty doesn't hang out but not a full length...
While shopping for a new one I could not find one that fit my criteria without spending a fortune on one! So, like most things, I thought, "I can make that", so the other night, I found the time.
I took one of the few robes that I had purchased from Target that was not working out, apart and used it as a quasi pattern and changed it up to match what I wanted.
I got some cheap fabric at Hobby Lobby since I wasnt sure if this was going to be a good idea or not, and "had at it." I cleared off the dining room table, laid out the fabric, cut up the old robe, and within a few hours, I had a new one! :)
It really was a lot of fun! I thought about taking pictures as I went for the sake of the this blog post, but I was too engrossed in the project. lol
I had a bit of a challege getting the collar on there to lay correctly, but I think I got it. Also, its a bit of a challenge to fit around a pregnant belly! lol Since it's just a robe and can be a little loose, I think it will last me a while even after the belly is gone. ;)
Here is the finished product:

I am not 100% in love with the fabric choice that I made, but it's pretty. Since I will be using it to get ready in the mornings I am sure it will get grungy soon and I can just make another.
hmm.. Maybe a business venture??? jk


chrystalmac said...

wow! I'm impressed you are talented girl!

The Raifords said...

I'd love to place an order for one :-)
let me know when you want a project

Flour Blossoms said...

very cute. excellent job.


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