Wednesday, December 16, 2009

3 Little Babies

Here is a picture of Stori, Elysha, and I all pregnant together! We have had a blast going through this together and we can't wait for our little ones to become friends :)
Disclaimer: This is an AWEFUL picture of me, but I was trying to tell Jeff instructions on my camera... plus, it's just hard to get a good picture of myself this far along. lol
From left to right:
Stori (23 weeks), Elysha (31 weeks), and Me (32 weeks)


The Raifords said...

this is a great picture!

Stori said...

Ugh, no I look awful... I didn't give you permission to post this of me! LOL. You look great though, and I'm so excited that we finally got this picture! I am going to post this on my blog.


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