Wednesday, December 23, 2009

"Nutty Santas"

I was supposed to make these with my sister and niece for Christmas but our plans got delayed when Jeff was asked to come in to work nights tonight. So, I went ahead and made them ahead of time. It would have been more fun with some company but I always enjoy decorating cookies! :)
This is the first time for me to make them and have some ideas for tricks to do next time to make them look a bit better.
I took Nutter Butter cookies and dipped them in Royal Icing on both ends and then one end in red and white sprinkles. Then, I used mini chocolate chips for the eyes with the icing as "glue". I piped on the white dot on Santa's hat and the red noses. I think that next time, instead of icing for the noses, I think I will use some kind of small red candies and I need to make the icing a bit thicker to keep it from running off of the cookies before it hardens.
I think they are cute and might become a tradition every year. I saved the taste-test for Jeff and it seemed to pass, so I think they are safe to make again.

1 comment:

The Raifords said...

maybe dip them in white chocolate instead of icing - it will harden really quick


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