Tuesday, December 22, 2009

My recent Must-Haves!

Mr. Coffee Frappe maker
The best part is that it's on $80!

Earth Therapeutics® Anti-Stress Microwaveable Comfort Wrap

Desktop Player for my iPod
$10 at www.containerstore.com

Label Maker
Pleasantly addicting!
Plastic Ornament Storage Box
I need to get some of these soon for when we take down our tree!


Hannah's Habits said...

is that the frappe thing you sent me? i havn't been around a computer to check it out...it's awesome!! oh and how much is that ornament box? i need to get another one!

Suzie Home-Maker said...

The Storage boxes are about $18 each at the Container Store

Melissa D. said...

You probably already have your ornament boxes (we were out of town and I didn't have computer access), but I think the best ones are the "snapware" boxes where every layer snaps off separately. It makes it much easier to get to ornaments in whatever order you want. Or keep like kinds together (if you are into that) when you find one more of the set you had already put away a layer or two ago. :)


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