Saturday, January 23, 2010

Sneak Peak

Here is the fabric for my next quilt:

My mom has been spoiling me this past week. She has been cooking, cleaning, walking with me, going to my appointments... It's so nice to have her help around here while I wait like a ticking time bomb for this baby to come.
After my disappointing appointment on Thursday, when I was told that I have not really progressed that much, we decided that if I just got busy on another project and then Avery would decide to come. And besides, it will make the time seem to go but much faster. So, what else would we decide to make then a quilt?!
I have always wanted to make a fun, summery, bright colored quilt that can be our "picnic" quilt (if only we went on picnics...) and something great to take to the park. So, she got me a bunch of bright paisley prints and calico fabrics, most of them by Moda, which is my favorite fabric designer at the moment, for this quilt I've had in mind.
She's also in the process of teaching me how to "paper-piece", which is a technique to make the quilt squares quicker and more accurate. It's pretty fun, but we will see how the whole thing looks in the end.
We are going to start on it today... Hopefully it turns out as pretty as I have it in my head.


Stori said...

So pretty! Can I put in an order? I miss you. I need to pick a day to come by!

Barbara said...

LOVE the colors....soooo cheerful!

Kendall and Brooks said...

My mom's BFF works for Moda, shes a quilt designer :)


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