Thursday, January 14, 2010

Week 36

This week is Week 36! Actually, if you go off my original due date, January 31st, I am 37 weeks (the current one I am going by, February 9th, is the one that the doctors set based on her size in the ultrasounds). I technically have to go by the February 9th date since that is what the doc says, but mentally, I am pushing for the earlier.
I feel bad because I had Jeff take my picture this evening and it took forever for me to get one that was some-what decent! I've come to the conclusion that I just won't get a picture of myself that I like these days.
Today I had my last ultrasound to make sure she was sitting correctly; head down. That, she was, and she was even "tap-dancing" which means she is pushing down but doesn't quite want to take that step yet.
I am 1 cm dilated and 40% effaced. Avery weighs in at 6 lb 3 oz and should put on another 1/2 lb per week until she arrives. How is it that the baby can weigh only 6 lb but I have put on 30lb?! Seriously!! I hope I never see these numbers on the scale unless I have the excuse of being pregnant.
I really hope she comes soon! I have everything ready for her, I'm just sitting here waiting. My schedule until she comes is to walk, walk, walk, walk, and do some more walking!
My mom and dad will be coming in tomorrow night which will be so nice! What is it about having your mommy around that just makes you feel so much better and more relaxed??


Flour Blossoms said...

Jess you look great! I know looking at yourself is different, but you look so precious, and the way things sound I'm glad you had Jeff take the pics because you might not have a preggs belly much longer.
As for Moms, they are just awesome... and I think you just might get to be in on the whole mom secret pretty quickly!

Stori said...

My mom was here last weekend and I miss her soooo much already. I can't wait for Avery to get here, and I hope that she doesn't wait until Feb 9th! You look beautiful by the way, 30 pounds is really good.

Melissa D. said...

okay, I'm here to say, if she stays put a little longer it isn't the worst thing in the world. Right now she is safe, cozy, comfortable . . . no diapers to change, no 11pm or 1 am or 3 am or 5 am feedings . . . not to put a damper on the amazing wonder that is having your first child . . . it is amazing, but there is something to be said for having little Avery tucked right where she is now for another week or two. :)

Melissa D. said...

p.s. I realize I don't really know you, but I also think you look precious.

p.p.s you should make jeff take you to see a movie every night until Avery comes. :)

Cook Family of Five...The Lil Joys said...

Jess, you look so wonderful! Not at all like you've gained 30!! And I am getting sooooooo excited to meet her and have the priviledge of doing her newborn shoot! I know I keep saying it...but let me know! Heck, have someone call me when you go in labor and I'll make sure my calendar's clear! You'r almost there! Keep up the good work!


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