Thursday, March 25, 2010


Sorry for my absence, Its been a little busy around here... I feel like I need to update on Avery since it has been forever since my last post.
I can't believe how different Avery has been since I posted this. Literally, right after I posted all about how much of a screamer she was, she stopped. She only fusses when she is hungry or tired now... It's great! Even at night she wakes up pretty peacefully (unless I am lazy and wait to long to go get her up, then she gets impatient with me, lol). I think a lot of it has to do with the new formula we got her on. It's easier on her tummy, so she's not in as much pain. I can't thank God enough for such a great first baby!
Other than that, we've just been working on getting into a routine. She does really well at night and sleeps for multiple hours straight and takes a few naps during the day. Slowly but surely she is letting me put her down to do a few things around the house. The other day I was able to clean the floors... That is HUGE! lol
As far as shopping goes... That's been a work in progress. She hated her car seat and stroller for the longest time. I tried taking her to Target once and it was a disaster! She screamed the whole time. Not just a little fuss, though, this was so bad that everyone in the store could hear me. I was getting looks the whole time. I know people were thinking, "wow, she really doesnt know what the heck she is doing!" So, I decided we would not be doing that again for a while! lol
I think she is finally getting used to it, though, because we were able to take her out and make multiple stops with out her screaming. On Wednesday we even went to lunch with Stori, then to Target and T-J Max! wow! What a trooper.
Nana (my mom) is here this week to help me out and give me a little break. Jeff is working nights right now so it's nice to have her help me keep it quiet while he sleeps.
We head to Houston this weekend for my family's Easter weekend and then we will be celebrating with Jeff's side next week.
I took Avery shopping for her first Easter dress yesterday. This was a big tradition for my mom and sisters every year. We would make a day out of shopping for our Easter/Christmas/Birthday dress and have lunch... all the lovely girly stuff that we enjoy. Gosh it's so fun having a daughter I can make these memories with! :)

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Stori said...

COME HOME! I miss you and I am now not working so I want you to hang out with me...


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