Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Happy Easter!

He has risen!! Alleluia!!
Ok, I am really late, but Its better late than never, right?

We had 3 egg hunts! The first was at Pappy and Nana's lake house.
Here she found the biggest egg!The next weekend we went to Meme and Paw Paw's house. We had an egg hunt at the church but Avery wasn't too excited about it so Jeff picked up a few eggs for her.

Then Easter Sunday morning the Easter Bunny came again and brought another Easter basket and hid eggs in their backyard.
It was so much fun to make Avery's first Easter basket.

What exactly do you put in a basket for an 8 week old?? Onsies, money, a movie... She didn't have a piggy bank yet so I got one of those and put some change into some eggs for us to put in the bank together. Jeff was excited that she had her first money saving lesson, lol.

Avery was wondering why in the world we woke her up for all of this.
Annie did most of the egg hunting but Avery watched happily.
(Isn't that hair just ridiculous?!? It is so out of control! lol)


Stori said...

I love her hair! It looks like you guys had a blast... too bad no boat :(. I am so coming out there to mooch a day of your parents when it arrives!

Lisa said...

She is a doll!!! Shawna's hair was exactly like that, only darker. We used Nestle's Baby Hair tonic to make a huge curl on top of her head. I found some on Ebay (for STori's baby, if needed)it has a wonderful smell and is very gentle.


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