Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Texas Bluebonnets

Every time that Jeff and I make the trip back home to Texas we get this overwhelming sense of nostalgia when we cross over the Texas/Louisiana border. I know everyone thinks Texans are crazy and are obsessed with their state, but only those of us from there can understand what I mean. I don't really know how to describe it, but its almost a peaceful feeling just driving through that beautiful state!

The bluebonnets are blooming now and it is just gorgeous. Central Texas (aka "The Hill Country") has some of the most beautiful fields of rolling hills full of the beautiful state flower. It truly is sight to see! As the song says, "but all and all they can't complain
'Cause the bluebonnets are about to bloom again,". It can't be said any better!
It's been a tradition of my family's to take pictures in the bluebonnets every year. So, of course I have to pass it along to my children. We found a good patch of bluebonnets in The Woodlands and snapped a few pictures. Unfortunately, I had to be in the pictures since Avery can't sit up on her own.
This is my favorite pictures since Jeff was able to catch Avery with a little grin. :)

Here are a few good pictures that I was able to get of the flowers with some bumble bees:

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Stori said...

I know exactly how you feel! I especially miss home when the bluebonnets are out too. I was feeling very homesick a few weeks ago and had a very similar post planned... but I got distracted. We'll have to help each other out with the homesickness when it gets really bad!

Ugh, btw, I am getting so many jokes about the Wannton not being a Texan... well you know what! Both his/her parents are, so I think that makes him/her a full blooded Texan!


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