Wednesday, September 22, 2010


I've had this book on how to make purses for FOREVER! Ive been wanting to get it out and make something since I got it but, alas, too many other projects have come first.

Well, this last weekend while Jeff and his dad went to an LSU football game, Barbara decided to go to Hobby Lobby. I took this chance to get out the dusty old book and make a tote.

I started it Sunday afternoon and couldn't put it down! I had all of the fabric cut, interfaced, and the zipper sewn in all before bed. It's Wednesday afternoon and I just finished it. I absolutely love it and cant wait to fill it up!!

Here's a front view. It was a little complicated because the sides taper in so they are triangular instead of just straight up and down. Also, the handles called for clear 1/4" tubing for stability but I have not been able to find it so I used some cording for now. It's already beginning to unravel so it will need to be replaced very soon.

Here's a pic of the lining and zipper. I haven't made anything that required a zipper in years, so Barbara had to give me a refresher over lunch, lol. I added a pocket on the inside for my keys, phone, ipod, etc.

The book suggests making a label/tag for yourself to put on your creations. So, I brainstormed a bit, and decided that I should do a Paisley since that is my current design element favorite. I made this one out of french knots. I really like it, but I need some work on making my knots more uniform in size. My mom knows a technique that she said works beautifully, so I might have to remake my label. {It also looks like I need to go back and erase my pencil marks, lol ;)}

All in all, mistakes aside, I think it turned out really cute and it wont be my last purse/bag to make!


Barbara G said...

This turned out sooo cute! Like the label, also!

Melissa D. said...

Totally adorable Jessica! I am massively impressed!


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