Thursday, October 7, 2010

Avery 8 Months

19.2 lbs
30 inches long
Avery is developing so fast now!! Ever since she sat up it has been a fast change every day. She is crawling great now and getting fast. She loves to follow me around the house; it's been really nice because she is somewhat independent and can move around to go where she wants and get the toys that she wants, etc. As soon as she got the crawling stuff down she moved right into pulling up on furniture. This scares me since she still needs to work on her balance, but I know that until she is a great walker, there will be lots of "crash-and-burns" to come. Here is a video of her pulling up on my mom's recliner:

She uses her pointer fingers for everything!

One thing that she does that cracks us up is that she loves to "sing" into an empty bottle. I have one set aside with her toys that I call her "microphone." I think we might have a karaoke girl on our hands! lol
She is very aware of things going on around her. When she sees something or someone new she will stare at it for a while before she gives a reaction. You can totally see the wheels turning in that little head! She gets that from Jeff; he is very much a "studier"! She also loves textures. She will scratch and pick at upholstery, cloth, rocks, etc.
She jibber-jabs A LOT! She loves to let out a scream just to see how loud and long she can go... then laughs at the end. I can't help but laugh back at her, lol. She is still saying "mama"; we are working on "dada".
When she gets excited about something or sees something new she lets out a huge gasp as if she is shocked at everything around her! She's always had that surprised look on her face, but now she has the means of verbalizing it. lol
She still isn't a big eater but if she's hungry enough she will eat a lot in one sitting. I have a nibbler on my hands, though! She's always been that way. Even now, she will only take 3-4 ounces of formula in a feeding. She gets too distracted and impatient to sit long enough to eat more than that. I think I am going to try out the medium flow bottles to see if that helps at all.
I tried giving her a french fry just to see what she would do with real food, but she just mashed it in her hands and gave me a dirty look when I tried to get her to lick it. Somehow I dont think her dislike of french fries will last very long ;).
Now that it's October, we have to go get the flu shot :(. Other than that she doesn't see the doctor until she is 9 months.


AB said...

That pointer finger makes me giggle!

Stori said...

She is so funny and smart! She will be an engineer for sure.

Melissa D. said...

I'm on blog overload, and I love it! The Pabor-Gribnau girls are so cute and so talented!!


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