Thursday, October 7, 2010

Quilt Show

My home church back in Spring, Texas, Trinity Lutheran, hosts a quilt show every year. They showcase quilts from museums and then also anyone from the church or community can submit any quilt they have made (as long as it has not shown before). My mom usually submits her quilts but she had a lot going on this year so chose not to do so. We decided to go check it out last weekend while we waited on Ella.
I got so inspired and now I have so many ideas for more projects! These kinds of things are dangerous for me to go to but I can't get enough! lol

I have always wanted to do a super intricate quilt like this one. It's made with such small pieces that it had to of taken such a long time. Patience is the key with this one!:

This one gave me so many ideas for holiday decorations! The possibilities are endless!:

This one is a beautiful patriotic quilt with pictures and quotes from the Constitution on it:

This one is definitly on my to-do list! I love the lamb and his fuzzy soft fur. I would maybe pick some brighter colors for around the edge, but I love the pattern.

Here is a close-up of the fur:This one was amazing! I love hidden details and was the apidomy The leaves on all of the trees were made out of french knots. It was covered in lots of other embellishments; it had to of taken FOREVER! There were even little animals made out of ribbon and knots on some of the trees!

THis one is solid white. It is one that came from a museum. I love all of the details but I am still not sure how they did it since only the parts that pop out have the batting... :

This is another one from the museum. I wish I had a close up to show some of the details. It's fantastic!:

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