Friday, November 5, 2010

Avery 9 Months

20 lbs

28.75 inches long
(Obviously, I was way off when I tried to measure her length on my own last month, lol)

This puts her in the 75th percentile for both groups

I feel like I say this every month (probably because I do), but time really does fly by so fast! I feel like it goes by so much faster when I watch Avery grow and develop. It really is amazing how much a baby changes in just under 1 year...

Anyways, this has been a whirlwind of a month! Since September 25, we have been back and forth from my parents house almost every week; It has been a lot of fun, though. Avery's cousin, Ella was born (today is actually her 1 month bday!), which is mostly why we have been there so much.

I feel like Avery has made a whole bunch of changes in just a short period of time. These last 2 weeks of her 8th month she has:

1. given up her pacifier (huge!)

2. two teeth have surfaced

3. sleeping through the night (again, HUGE!)

4. Pretty much down to 1 nap. If it's a busy day and/or we have a lot going on she may take 2, but normal slow days she is down to one 2 hour nap. I felt like it's pretty early for her to be wanting just one nap, but if she's tired, she will sleep. She sleeps in the car so that can throw her whole day of nap schedules off completely even if I just have a few errands to run.

5. She still uses her pointer fingers a lot. I think it has developed into her way to wave hi and bye. Every time she sees someone she sticks her arm out and points at them. She also will randomly look at me and get a huge grin on her face and point at me with both hands. It's like she is saying, "I see you!" I find it pretty hilarious ;).

6. I've had to do some minor disiplining already. She really likes to get the small rocks out of our fireplace (it's a gas fireplace with the fake logs) and throw them around. The pumpkins I have out for decorations right now also have caused some problems. When I get on to her, she smiles big, points those fingers at me, and jibber jabs while laughing. I guess it's her way of talking back and saying "ha ha mom! I knew I could get a rise out of you by doing that!". I can't wait for what lies in my future ;) lol.

7. She still nibbles on her food and formula. I can't get her to eat more than a few bites of food at a time and she is still at 3-4 oz at a time. She will take 2 oz here and there as "snacks" as I call them since she doesnt eat a lot at once. I give her some of those teething biscuits/cookies; she will gum them up and get them everywhere but she really likes them.

8. She is crawling really good and getting really fast. She seems to find her way around the house really good, too. The other day I was in the kitchen and I had put her down in the living room by her toys (the rooms are right next to each other) and the next thing I knew she was in our master bath sitting outside of the shower waiting on Jeff to get out. wow!

She is pulling up on everything and will get brave and let go, stand for a few seconds, then sit. I dont think it will be long before she is walking.

9. She is physically attached to her girafe print blanket. Within the past week she has decided that she can't go anywhere with out it. She reaches for it and fusses if you leave the room with out it.

10. She has started dancing. When she hears a song she knows she starts shaking her arms up and down. It's really cute! I've tried to get a video but as soon as she sees me and the camera, she stops. I'll get her one of these days!

This is one of my favorite pictures. She was really tired last night but it was a little early so we were trying to entertain her when she layed her head down on Jeff's shoulder, closed her eyes, and started humming. It was so sweet, I wanted to cry!

That's all I can think of right now. Everyday is different but so much fun! I am so blessed and couln't ask for a better life right now.



Zane was 20lbs. at the end of his 3rd month. He already has two teeth that surfaced and he sleeps 10 hours a night since the beginning of his 3rd month. On Tuesday he turns 5 months!

Stori said...

Beautiful, sweet little girl. The picture of her with Dad is so sweet and she looks so much like YOUR Dad!!! She is beautiful and I just want to sqeeezeee her.

Barbara G said...

GG (giraffe) is the new DD(dots)

Melissa D. said...

I love the new header picture. What a sweet picture with beautiful little Avery on her Daddy's Shoulder.


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