Monday, November 8, 2010


This weekend I decided that it would be fun to take Avery down to the Ponchatoula Trade Days to walk around and see what kind of things they had. I had never been, so I figured it was about time to go!
Of course I found something I loved. There was a lady there selling hand made crown molding picture frames. She had one there that caught my eye and I knew instantly where I could put it to use. I have a print from Avery's photoshoot in the antique tub with Kelley Cook that I have been wanting to put in our guest bathroom but I still needed to find a frame for it. (I actually have a stack of pictures I want to set out, but I have come to realize how picky I am at finding the right frames).
I loved how it had the rustic reclaimed wood look and white wash finish; it was perfect with the rustic look of the tub and field in the picture. I passed it up at first cuz I told myself that I wouldn't buy anything when we got there... I even thought about trying to make one myself but I have so many other projects in the works that I didnt need to get started on another one right now. (I always feel guilty buying something I know I can make) Plus, after looking into how to make one, I would have to find someone close with a saw, find the right moldings, paint, etc... I wouldnt be able to make one for less than the lady was selling it. I wanted instant gratification, anyways. Needless to say, I ended up going back on Sunday just to get it cuz I couldnt stop thinking about it! lol Here it is:

Isn't it PERFECT??!!


Tanya Pabor said...

I love it!

Stori said...


Paige said...

so so cute!! great find.


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