Thursday, January 6, 2011

Double Stroller Shopping

When Jeff and I decided that we wanted a second little one around, what's the first thing I dive into researching? Double strollers.... I know, a little ahead of myself, but I really dont like our single strollers and since I did hardly any research before buying those, I decided I would really focus on finding the right double this time!
These are the features that I really wanted the stroller to have:
-Side by Side (I really want the kids to be able to side next to eachother and also equally see infront of them)
-Lays flat (or very close to flat). Even bigger kids get tuckered out
-lots of pockets
-a cupholder and tray for the kids and the adults
-has a carseat adapter
-very durable and made from strong, quality materials
-has a 3rd kid adaption (I didnt really care how it was, just to be able to allow a third to ride)
-Large sunshade (non of this wimpy small flap that some call a "sun shade")
-adjustable handle bar height (both Jeff and I are tall, but if anyone else is pushing it, they may want the handle to be lower)
-folds flat and is not too heavy (this is not as big of a deal to me, but I need to be able to lift it in and out of the car at least)
-affordable! (ha!, ya right!lol)

Here are a few that I narrowed my choices down to and a short reason why I dont want them:
-The Bob- I really dont run that much anymore so this one just wasnt for me... Plus it was missing some of the key features I wanted
-The Peg Perego Aria Twin 60-40- After checking it out in person, it was really cheap feeling and smaller than I expected. Also missing most features
-The Bumbleride Indie Twin- this one was my second favorite, but it didn't have the carseat adaptor for any brand carseat; the sunshade was much smaller; and there were no cupholders/tray for the kids
-Graco - The only side-by-side that they make is more of an umbrella stroller style than a full stroller

So, this leads me to the stroller of choice....

Not only does this stroller have almost every feature I wanted above, it has a few more! Here are my favorite features and why I love it:

-Not only does it recline all of the way, the foot rest pops up so that their legs can lay straight instead of being bent downward while sleeping

-Theres a large pocket behind the seat backs and two for the parents on the handle

-you can get a cupholder (seperate charge, of course) to add on the parents handle

-It also has a universal carseat adaptor! No matter what carseat you have (within reason of course) it fits! So, you can use one side as a travel system style, and the other kid can sit normally

-There is an adaptor for a third kid (or one that just wants to stand instead of sit) called a "Glider Board" that you can put behind the seats for them to stand on and "help" push

-The sun shades are HUGE and have 3 positions

-Also and adaption for a tray for the kids

-There's all sorts of different kinds of covers but I probably wont get any of them

-The wheels come on and off. I think this might come in handy when you put it in your car and the wheels take up a lot of room

-Tall seat backs. I put Avery in their smaller model and you could tell that it wouldnt be long before she grew out of it

-Of course, the pretty green color!

The only downsides that I have found so far (after seeing it in person) are that it is heavier than I expected. This isn't really that big of a deal to me cuz I could still lift it. Also, it doesnt fold super flat, either. It gets smaller than you would think since it is so big, but it wasnt super impressive. I've seen smaller ones.

The biggest downside is it's price.... bummer! I get sick just thinking about it, but I have about 8 months before Griblet 2 gets here so I am going to do some serious saving till then! I have found it on ebay several times for about 1/2 the cost but I still can't commit to it yet.

Anyways, I think that's all....

I hope I didnt bore you with this, but I have had several people ask why I want that stroller so bad, so I thought it would just be easier to put it up on here for everyone to read.

Wish me luck on saving up till August! :)

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