Saturday, May 7, 2011

Another Birthday Present

Since my sisters and I are celebrating all of our birthdays at the same time, I decided that since I was making Emily's present this year, I would make Hannah one too.

**Hannah, stop reading right now if you are! Spoiler alert!!**

Hannah is getting married in January and she is using peacock feathers as her inspiration for her colors. Emily and I found this beautiful fabric in her wedding colors at JoAnn's a few weeks ago and thought she would love a bag made out of it. So, I looked through my book of purse patterns and decided this one would be great for her.

It took no time for me to throw it together but the handles sure fought me! I need to find something better to use than plastic tubing (as the pattern calls for) to use because it is really hard to form just right. Plus, you can alsways see where the two ends meet and it bothers me!

Can't forget my signiture tag! ;)

{hand sewn french knots in the shape of a paisley}

I had enough fabric left over to make her a makeup bag to go with it!

I sure hope she likes it!

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