Friday, October 28, 2011

Norah 1 Month

Since I didn't keep up very well in the beginning, I made some sticky notes of her developments, so here they are:
~starting to become more aware. She spent most of her first month sleeping; day in and day out. I had to set my alarm at night to get her up to eat. Not many moms can say that! Needless to say she is so easy!
~lifts her head.
~Rolls to her side. She doesn't get too far but she likes to tuck her knees in and lean over. Great start!
P.S. so I was just going through my notes and I found this under my list of Norah's developments:
"says first word=Tim"
Someone was playing on my computer! lol Thanks for the little addition Mr. Tim! We will make sure she works on your name asap! haha

1 comment:

AB said...

I will have to ask Tim about this! Funny.


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