Friday, October 28, 2011

Norah’s Baptism

September 3, 2011 Norah became a child of God!
We had just a small little ceremony at my parents lake house with just immediate family, with the pastor from my home church, and my grandma, since we were in limbo moving from Louisiana to Houston. It was perfect... besides the fact that Avery screamed through the whole service because she didnt want to sit down (who wants to sit down when you could be swimming or running around the lot?! lol)
Oh! and what is even cooler is that the pedestal table that we used was made by my dad in a shop class when he was in about 5th grade or so and the bowl he made just before the baptism just for Norah. She gets to keep the bowl and since my grandma keeps the pedestal table at her house, she said she will make sure that Norah gets it one day! How awesome! :)

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