Thursday, September 13, 2012

Treats, anyone??

Avery and Norah know that the pantry holds all of their “treats.” How could they not know where I hide all of the candy and goodies??!
So, as my husband liked to put it when I asked him what he thought, why not spell it out for ‘em?? literally.
My FIL cut out the wood letters for me upon my request. I know he probably thinks I am crazy with all of the weird little requests I have for him… like cutting out the letters T R E A T and S… Thanks Ronnie for humoring me!!! Smile
Here’s how I made them:
1. I painted the sides of the letters purple. I am disappointed with this color because, after 2 coats, it came out darker than I wanted so you can’t even tell it’s purple now. booo!
2. I found some scrapbook paper that I liked and would look good with my house and blue walls in the kitchen. Then, traced the letters (backwards) on the back of the paper
3. Cut the letters out then adhered the paper letters to the wood letters using Modge Podge.
4. Once the paper dried I knew it needed something else but it took me a bit of brainstorming with my stash of craft stuff to figure out what I wanted to do. I thought about adding ribbon… then thought about puffy paint around the edges…. a few other ideas came to mind but I really didn’t want these to look too “crafty,” so I decided on a stencil to give a touch of frill. I simply laid the stencil out where I wanted (different on each letter) then used a sponge brush to apply white paint.
5. Let the paint dry then added a coat of Modge Podge to the top and sides.
** Side note: I try to get my kids involved in my projects so Avery was “helping” me when this happened:
This is what happens when you share a craft room with toddlers……
ok, back to the letters.
6. I still felt like they needed a little more so I found some jewels that I decided to add. I think they add just enough sparkle with out being too gaudy.
7. Finally, How to hang them?? I was 1 too short of picture hangers to nail to the back so I had to get creative. I found some flat thumb tacks  that were super easy to push into the drywall (yes, I tested it out and yes, there is a random hole in the wall now lol) I glued them down to the back of each letter and it worked great!!
** By the way, the super glue in the picture, Basket Maker’s Insta-Cure is THE BEST glue I have ever found. I discovered it during college in one of my architecture classes that required us to build models. it’s amazing! I use it on everything that needs gluing!! I have to order it here and I typically order several bottles at once, but it is worth it!!
8. I centered them up on the wall, pushed the pins into the drywall and…. voila!

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Stori Wann said...

Ugh, you have got to stop this crafting stuff! You are making me inadequate... for this reason, I don't do pinterest! Its really pretty by the way though.


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