Saturday, December 15, 2012

A Day to Be Thankful!

I can not even imagine what those parents in Connecticut are feeling right now; all I know is that what I can imagine is so much pain. I don’t have many words to say but I do think we can all be a little more thankful.
Today, I am so incredibly thankful for the little things about my babies. After a rough morning yesterday of some of the worst tantrums I have had to deal with, I came home to hear the horrible news about those babies whose innocent lives were taken way too early, and quickly realized what is truly important. I gave my babies extra hugs and kisses and prayed that God would give me patience to get through the rough days and always remember how lucky I am to have my children! I feel so horrible for those parents and can only pray that God gives them peace and they are able to forgive that boy very quickly. I also feel for the families of the surviving children who have been traumatized and they will have to deal with the horror they saw for the rest of their lives.
I added a few thoughts this morning:
I once had a pastor while living in Louisiana share something with me (I am sure I am not the only one) that I still remember to this day. He was diagnosed with cancer (in his mouth, I think it was on his tongue), his tongue was removed and he was told he would never talk again. He said that the important thing when horrible things happen is to change our perspective from "Why me, God?" to "For what purpose did you allow this to happen, Lord?" If you think about that for a while, that is so powerful. Think about how many lives you touch on a daily basis, most of the time not even realizing it. He went on to recover and eventually talked again and is still preaching to this day! Faith is a powerful thing if you learn to let go and let God. (i really struggle with this)
We may not fully understand God's purpose in letting this happen but one things for sure, that city changed and where did everyone go? To church. It's sad that sometimes it takes these events to make us run to God but at least that is where they went. Hopefully the rest of the country will run to their families and Jesus Christ and look at themselves to see where we can change to make this country a better safer place.
Turning to the government is not the answer. Guns have been around for a LONG time but our country has not always been this crazy and dangerous. Turn inside your own front doors and examine what can be done to change this world.
Please pray for this country. I am fully convinced that this kind of stuff happens due to the break down of the family structure, society, and the lack of Jesus Christ in our schools and country. Pray, pray, pray that the Lord will bring this country back on track!
For today, though, focus on your family and capture the little things so that you can always remember how special they are!!
“The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you all. Amen.”  Romans 16:24

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