Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Playroom Makeover… Take 2

Actually, in my head this is more like Take 5000 but I really think I have decided what I am going to do for sure!
I went fabric shopping today with my mom to help her pick out some fabric for some furniture she is having reupholstered and I found some fabric that I am head over heals in love with that has become my new inspiration!!
Obviously, I started out with the whole gray and yellow scheme. I really do like that but I was having trouble finding stuff that wasn’t too modern.
Let me back up. My in-laws offered to give us their old trundle bed instead of buying a sofa bed. At first the designer side of me really just wanted a sofa, but then the practical side came out and thought that since it was free that would be really nice and the creative side of me came out and started to think of ways I can refinish it and make some bedding for it. True to my style, there is no simple task around here.
Anyways, so back to the yellow and gray stuff. I started to look for some yellow and gray bedding to go on the trundle but I couldn’t find anything that looked durable enough to be sat on constantly and wasn’t too modern either. It is also really hard to find a gray daybed cover!! They have just about everything else out there! So, I started to look at fabric thinking I could make one. I ended up deciding that I wanted to keep the gray but maybe go with green instead of yellow. I also thought that maybe I would do purples and greens since the girls bean bags are those colors… It takes FOREVER to look at fabric online and it is impossible to really know if your colors are matching and I have to be able to touch and feel it before I decide if I like it.
So, to spare you my whole thought process, I will skip ahead to the fabric I found today. I found it at a little fabric store in The Woodlands and it actually reminds me of some I have seen at Potterybarn. Here is a pic that my sister took with her phone of one little section.
bird fabric
Here’s a few reasons why I love it.
1. it has gray and green in it
2. it has lots of other colors so I wont feel limited to just those 2 colors.
3. I love how light weight it is. (almost a linen, but I don’t think it is) This is a small room with not a whole lot of natural light so I didn’t want thick heavy window treatments.
4. There’s lots of different little panels like this one that I could cut out to make throw pillows from.
5. I think it is really classy looking and will give a more “grown up” look to the room but Avery loved the birds so that’s a plus! lol
Here’s what I already had picked out that I think will go great with it:
~Right now the Day Bed/trundle is stained so I will paint it a light cream color or white
~I like this quilt (plus, it’s a great deal cuz you get the quilt and 2 shams) and I think it will be good as a cover for the top of the day bed. I found it in the store and I think it will be durable enough and easy to wash.
target quilt
~This would be used as a throw blanket and the bedding for the trundle bed. I love the texture on it and the small throw that goes with it!
green quilt
green pillow
I would then get a bunch of white ruffly throw pillows and the ones that match the fabric from the little panels images, a white bed skirt and continue with my idea of having the girls make me some art for the walls and painting the shelves that my dad is building white.
I am pretty certain this will be the direction I continue on but we will see if I change my mind once again!

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