Saturday, December 1, 2012

Going to see Santa

We took the girls to see Santa today. Here they are before getting in the car in their adorable Christmas outfits. I just love that Norah’s tutu practically swallows her! lol Avery was so sweet wanting to hold her sister’s hand for the picture. Smile
*a side note on the outfits. I took them to Target to look for something since I figured it wouldn’t be much longer that I can get away with picking out what I want them to wear at a good price. Well, Avery proved me wrong. Apparently she DOES care! She actually found these tutus and insisted that she needed the pink one since pink is for princesses. Well, after some serious coaxing, I was able to get her to get the white one since that is at lease some-what “Christmasy”. I also wanted her to wear this long sleeve red jacket with a white collar; she hated it in the store and wanted the pink one. I thought that after we got home she would be fine with the red one and forget about the pink and we could just get dressed with no drama. I was wrong! she would not come any where near that red jacket and did not forget about the pink one at all! So, of course the morning we are planning to go see Santa, I make a mad dash back to Target to return the red and get the pink. I normally don’t like to admit when I let her have her way, but I can’t blame her cuz I am pretty picky with my clothes, too and it’s her Christmas outfit so I don’t mind letting her be involved in the decision. Lesson learned on my part, they actually do care more than I ever thought on what they wear! lol
Now, back to Santa. We went to this small toy store by our house that we love for it’s unique toys and atmosphere. Santa does free photos and all donations go to gifts for orphans. I love people that spend their lives doing things for other people. I need to be more like that!!  Avery got a little nervous but she did so incredibly well and sat on his lap by herself and told him all of what she wanted for Christmas. I was so proud of her! Norah, on the other hand, freaked out! lol I didn’t get a good group shot but I am still figuring out my new flash (details for another post) so most of them are too dark and needed some editing in Photoshop. Its so frustrating when I get crappy photos at something like this since we can’t go back and do it again. uuugh. I need to work on taking quick snap shots in the moment and still getting a perfect exposure. I am not so good at impromptu, on the spot photography…. but I digress. Here’s some of the shots, I did get.
Norah found the Teddy Bear that she always plays with when we go to this store! (PS, Norah got her first black eye this week. it looks a thousand times better today but it’s still not pretty! She managed to pull down her stocking along with the heavy brass stocking holder on her face. she is so lucky that it didn’t actually hit her eye ball! There were shards of metal on the floor when it shattered so she is lucky she didn’t get any in her eye. poor baby!)
Look at this face! It’s all fun and games till a man in a red suit come out saying “Ho Ho Ho”. She is not taking her eye off of that crazy man!
Look at the magic in Avery’s eyes! She was sooo excited! THIS is what it’s all about! Smile
Talking to Santa
Attempt at a group shot. lol Santa looks like he just wants to get it over with hahaha!

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Lisa said...

The girl's are so beautiful! How scary on the black eye, glad all is well.


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