Thursday, January 24, 2013

Norah’s Big Girl Room

I am so excited about this project!! I need to move the crib set out and into Jackson’s room so she needs to move up to a big girl bed. It took me a while to decide exactly what I wanted to do in there but I finally made some decisions and purchases.
Today, I bought this dresser and night stand in a grey color called “sandpiper”
Here is the bedframe I will be getting as soon as she is ready. For now, the mattress will just go right on the floor
iron bed
I got these today at Target
I really want to get this lamp but we will see; it’s kinda pricey
Id like to find a cool bird cage too to put on the dresser. maybe something like this one but hopefully I can find a cooler one.
bird cage
Now, this is the best part and I have been saving it for last!!! I planned all along to make her bedding since I made Avery’s when she moved to a big bed. I looked at tons of quilt patterns and went to the fabric store and even bought some fabric but nothing was “calling” to me. That is, until I saw this and fell in love!
I have found some DIY tutorials and plan to make this in a light pink/rose colored fabric. How pretty will that be with the dark iron bed, grey furniture, white shelves that are already in there, and the grey/green walls?! In fact, I just looked at Anthropologie’s website and they have a rose color one and they show it on a dark iron bed! Great minds think alike Winking smile. I swear it was meant to be!

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