Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Happy Birthday Avery Grace!

I can not believe my first baby is already 3 years old. It’s so cliché and I know I say it  A LOT but, where in the world does time go??
February 4th I was about to loose my mind ready to finally have my first baby! I was getting so impatient and hormonal I wrote this post. Little did I know that the next few hours would the ‘go time.’
3 years ago this morning I went into the hospital a little after midnight when I thought that my water had broken. I wasn’t really sure since it wasn’t a huge gush that you see on TV but by the time I got to the hospital I was soaking wet so I knew I was right! I got the epidural probably just about an hour after I got there and was able to fall right asleep. I don’t remember any contractions with her birth. I literally slept through the whole thing except when the nurses came to check me. Around 7am I could feel a little pressure and knew it was time. The doc came in, I pushed maybe twice, and here she was! Born at 7:11 am. Quite possibly the easiest most uneventful birth known to man haha.
Today, she loves to dance and sing. Her favorite color is pink and she will make sure you know it! Her favorite movie is Toy Story (all 3). She is a HUGE daddy’s girl and she says he is her prince all the time. I swear I did not put those words in her mouth! She is all girl and loves to dress up and be a princess. She is getting more and more social and is convinced that every kid she sees is her best friend. She is seriously so smart! I don’t just say this as a proud mom. I get told all the time how advanced she is and I swear she tells me things that I have no idea where she learned it. (she was telling me this morning all about what a fever is…. random tidbit of the day for her lol) She gets that from her dad. Along with her being so smart comes some serious tantrums. She tests my patience every day but I try my hardest to make sure she knows how much I love her and that is why I have to discipline when she gets “smart” with me. lol 
She is a wonderful big sister to Norah and even though they naturally have some sharing issues she really loves to help her and make sure Norah always has her teddy bear, blanket, and puppy dog. She had  a blast this morning showing Norah how to play one of the games on my iPad and would get so proud of her when she “did it”. I think she is pretty excited about having a baby brother soon but I am not really sure how much she really understands what a boy is lol.
I am so blessed and can go on and on about them forever. but for now, HAPPY BIRTHDAY AVERY! We love you!!
I have to say that the days my children were born were the best days of my life. They changed Jeff and my lives forever and for the better. I thank God for giving me the blessing of being a mommy Smile
Unfortunately, we had a whole day of fun planned but the car wouldn’t start so that will all have to be postponed. We are going to make a pink cake (with pink icing and pink sprinkles lol). We had planned to go to storytime at the library and the park and the craft store to get something fun to do but looks like that will have to happen another day. We will be having a party with family in a few weeks and it will be a “Jessie” theme from Toy Story.

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Anonymous said...

Lovely and headstrong. I've said it before, where did 27 years go?


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