Thursday, February 28, 2013

Avery’s Third Birthday Party

We decided we wanted to go low key for Avery’s birthday this year. Since she isn’t in school or activities yet she really doesn’t have any friends so her family and cousins are the most important people around her. She really wanted a “Jessie” theme party since she loves Toy Story so we did a little decorating and just had the immediate family and invited just a couple of very close friends. Here are some pictures. (I really need to figure out how to transfer the pictures on my phone to my computer because I have thousands on there that I can’t do anything with except post on Facebook…. )
Jeff made pulled pork in his smoker. He is awesome at this; it is the best pulled pork we have ever had!!
The yummy cake
I found a Jessie piñata on Amazon. Avery was more upset that it was getting destroyed than excited about hitting it lol. She hid out on Nanna’s lap.
The piñata was being stubborn so the guys took some tries at it
Stanley took to liking Annie and they hung out most of the time. He even chased her around the yard lol Winking smile
And a quick picture of the birthday girl

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