Thursday, February 28, 2013

Jackson’s Nursery

I was going to wait until his nursery was 100% done but I think that will be another few weeks since I can’t move the dresser from Norah’s room to his room until her furniture comes in. Since that is the only piece missing, I decided to go ahead and show it off; it’s 99% done anyways.
When I was looking for inspiration for a boy’s room, I posted about them here. I really wanted to do something that was rustic buy not too western. I was calling it “rustic chic” but Jeff kept telling me not to use the word “chic” when describing something of his son’s lol. He married a designer, what do you expect??!! Anyways, I am a huge stickler on not spending a fortune on kid stuff since it will not be around for long and will probably get destroyed, but I also want a nicely decorated room for them. It’s a balance that I always try to maintain. I am so proud of the deals I found for this room and I think it could easily be a contender for the show “Design on a Dime!” Anyways, here’s a few pictures:
I painted the walls all white using Sherwin Williams “Snowbound” and did the stripes on the right wall in Sherwin Williams “Sand”. I love Snowbound and use it almost every time I need a white paint.
The cowhide rug I found for a steal at a store in Tomball. I was having trouble finding one this size for anything less than $300 but this one was only $150!! I was stoked!
The framed flag by the window is something that Jeff got in Fredericksburg. It is the very first Texas flag design. I found this site you can read a little history about it if you like that sort of thing.
Furniture is the same set I have used for all three kids so I am so glad I chose something neutral and versatile! The glider was the best investment I made. Moms and dads spend lots of time sitting here at night so a comfy chair is critical! I spent more on the glider than I did the crib and dresser combined! lol (ok ok the furniture was on sale, but still!)
I got the hamper at Target, along with the curtain rods and navy blue curtain panels.
OH! and the rocking horse was made by my dad when Avery was born!
I found these picture frames at Target on sale for $2 each! I spray painted them navy blue and put some of my animal photos in them. I had big plans to do a rustic piece of 3-dimensional art using slices of wood logs but I decided such a large heavy piece would not be wise to hang over a crib… boo. I like the animals, though. Brings in some other prints. The giraffe print Nap Nanny adds to the animal print theme. This was given to me by a friend when Norah was born and once again I love that it works in Jackson’s room too!! I just love it when things work out perfectly without planning!! Smile
The star I had in the garage getting dusty. I never hung it anywhere because I couldn’t find a good spot for it outside. It was meant to be! I also got the navy throw blanket at Hobby Lobby for 50% off. I didn’t even know that they had blankets like this but I just happened to walk by it and grabbed it up!
Here is a better picture of the striped wall with the collage of picture frames and antlers. (Just imagine a dresser under this with a changing pad on it) The antlers were my dad’s and I rescued them from his barn. I bleached them white and nailed them to the wood plaques that Jeff’s dad had laying around (also spray painted navy blue). The one on the left was his first deer he ever shot; how special!! I hope we can preserve it for a long time! I got the cross hooks at Hobby Lobby for about $5 each (I had planned to get the star hooks but they didn’t have any in stock but I like the crosses now that they are hung) and the frames I got on their 50% off week. The tiny frames will have Jackson’s baby pictures in them one day.
The frames I filled with little song quotes or other quotes that I thought were cute. the “I love you forever” one comes from the book “Love You Forever” by Robert Munsch; that book makes me cry every time I read it! The “Have good cheer little flock” one is from one of my favorite church hymns we sang a lot as a child. The other ones are just silly lol
I made these initials out of floral foam and wrapped them in twine then added navy blue ribbon to hang them with. Such a quick and simple little project that adds another element of texture to the room.
Overall I am very happy with the room. I think it turned out very cute while still being masculine and is rustic without being cheesy. Hope you like it too! 

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Lisa said...

Jessica this is such a cute room, love all your ideas. The exterior of our house is SW snowbound, glad to know it is your go to white.


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