Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Breakfast Nook Remodel

I am so mad because I can not find my before pictures ANYWHERE!! I know I took some when I decided to take this project on but the only thing I can imagine is that they are on my old phone which is no where to be found (my kids love playing with our old phones so naturally it is MIA). I was able to find this photo from when I was selling our old table. It at least gives you the idea of how boring this corner was.
No window treatments, a tiny table that only sat 2 people, TV trays used for extra table space (BOO!), a not so pretty chandelier. I at least had something hanging on the wall, which I have not found anything to replace with yet, but overall it needed help.
When this all began I wanted to get a larger table for our growing family but I did not want to spend a fortune (surprise surprise). I knew that this table was going to get a lot of use and damage since Avery was starting to get into crafts. We have a craft room that I can trust her in but I really like to keep my eye on her so this would really be the best place. I started looking on Craigslist and found a table that I liked but needed some immediate TLC. Long story short, the lady fell through on me and sold the table to someone else just hours before I was supposed to meet her! Some people really annoy me! It was all for the best, though, because I kept shopping and was able to find an even better table for less $ and it needs some work but nothing major right away. I found it on the same local site that I found my new office chair. The lady selling it wanted the same amount of money that I had sold the small table for so I broke even!! I was over the moon!!! Here is the table after we got it home.
It’s a little old school but I LOVE the legs on the table and the little details like the knobs on the corners of the table. I also love the little metal piece that covers the screws at the base of the legs. There are 2 leaves that are each another 12” and when you open the table to add them, the gears are awesome! I would love to know where this table originally came from and when it was made. I doubt it is really that old but I think it was well constructed! I was not in love with the chairs but I thought they could be painted and be really cute. Like I have said, wood furniture with good bones can always be refinished!! As you can see, there’s already puzzles and crafts on the table; did not take long! lol
I decided to pain the chairs white to give the set the two tone look that is popular these days. That was a horrible mess!!!! I did a lot of research on painting wood furniture and found that you could get spray primer called “cover stain.”
It was supposed to work great so you didn’t have to strip and sand the furniture first. That was a MESS!! I do not recommend this stuff at all!! it came out chalky and bumpy and did not go on smoothly at all! I ended up having to sand anyways but then I was sanding the primer on top of everything else. I have read and heard a lot about chalk paint by Annie Sloan so I think that will have to be the way I go next time. After about a week of getting the chairs painted, I was basically forced to distress the chairs since the painting was such a disaster. All in all I think it turned out ok to have them distressed. I have lots of other distressed pieces in our house so it wasn’t out of place. Here are the after pictures now that it is all done (about 6 months later!!!)
Here is the new chandelier that I found for only $20!! There is a place in Houston where Habitat for Humanity takes all of their left over items and sells them for dirt cheap. I found this among the pile of light fixtures and thought it would look so cute with the table. I realize it is intended to be an exterior light, but who cares, I like it. It was missing a piece of glass but lucky I have glass cutting tools (what? you don’t? lol) so I just found a piece that matched at Hobby Lobby, used one of the good pieces as a stencil and VoilĂ ! it was fixed. Next was an all day endeavor by my husband to get it hung since he had to rewire the whole thing. I told him we could just scratch the whole idea since it was only $20 but it became a manly pride thing that he knew he could do it! lol After he got it hung I was kind of disappointed. I like the look of it but it only holds 40w light bulbs so it doesn’t light up the space well enough. Jeff put so much effort into getting it hung that I think it is staying lol.
I found some green seat cusions at Pier 1 that I loved but they are about $30 a piece I believe and once again, I knew that they were going to be spilled on and food smashed into them, so spending $120 on seat cushions was not ideal. Luckily I found some at Home Goods that were the exact same color (just not as frilly) for $20 for all 4!!! I think I get a high from a good deal haha.
Here is a close up of the table leg with the little metal piece I talked about. love! You can see some of the wear and tear on it; one day I will refinish it!
These little yellow pots are from this post. This set of plants is the third round of plants. I do not have a green thumb, despite my best efforts Sad smile
Here are the curtains I made. I found the fabric online and I love the colors. You cant tell in the pictures but it almost has a sheen to it and the green seat cushions go perfectly!
This is my least favorite spot. I had these hanging before and I still don’t love it. The watercolor pear painting is something that I made in college and is one of the only pieces from that art class that I like so I want to keep it hung but I really want to find a large painting or art piece for this wall. I am going to The Woodlands Art Festival in April so I will be keeping my eyes open!

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