Sunday, March 3, 2013

Cure For Dry Chapped Lips

Everyone wants silky smooth lips, right?!  I have searched and searched for a lip exfoliator that will help my horribly chapped lips. I think I have chronic chapped lips; I use medicated chap stick constantly!
Years and years ago I used this stuff from a company called Beauti Control but I really wanted to find something that didn’t cost $22 a jar (plus shipping) and was more natural.
I came across several ideas on Pinterest but the one that stood out to me was the simple mixture of honey and sugar. I love it so I had to share.
Let me just say, you should stop reading right now and go to your pantry and mix the two together and rub the mixture on your lips! (but please come right back) you will thank me! They will feel AMAZING and be silky smooth for days! I love doing this about once a week. It’s cheap (everyone has honey and sugar in on hand, right?), it’s fast, and best of all it works!! You really only need a fraction of what I have in the picture above but my honey came out really fast lol. I like to put a little Burts Bees chap stick on afterwards but you really wont have to.

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