Saturday, March 2, 2013

New Office Chair

I know I said that I was not in a hurry to find a chair for our office/playroom…. well I lied. Just kidding. I was telling the truth when I wrote that but I came across a steal that I couldn’t pass up shortly after I wrote that post.
See, you know how there’s online classified websites like Craigslist? Well, there is one for my little community and it is terribly addicting! I don’t normally buy something used unless it is a real gem and a steal (oh and I have a rule that it can’t be upholstered either. Never know what is growing in that fabric! eeeek!!) ha! Furniture with good bones can always be refinished! I was on that website just browsing around and I found an antique office chair for sale for only $50!! I had my eye on one of a similar style from Restoration Hardware:
but there was no way I was going to spend that kind of money on a chair that will probably get blueberries squished on it and juice spilled on it!
Here is the one that I found. I love it but it needs a little TLC and a seat cushion. I will have to wait till I am no longer pregnant to refinish it but I can add the cushion to my list of projects to do pre-baby 3. It works great in here and I think it looks great with the trundle bed!
group pic

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