Monday, March 11, 2013

DIY Mirror

Check this stuff out!! I may be late at discovering this but I am working on a project (hopefully revealing soon) in which I need a mirror. Easier said than done. It needs to be a very funky size so the only way I was going to get one to fit would be to buy a larger one than I needed, but they were always in some large pretty frame that I didn’t want to pay for, so I did a little browsing through the craft store and came across this paint:
This is so awesome! All you have to do is spray it one the back of plain glass with several thin layers (the can suggests 5). I would not come as far as to say it looks like a normal mirror, but for a rustic project where you don’t necessarily need perfect reflection, I think this is a great fix. I tested it out on a small piece of glass. Here is me trying to take a picture of the reflectiveness for you.
It’s a bit dark and not a perfect finish but I am hoping it works good enough for the larger piece I need to do.

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