Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Repurposed Screen Door

My in-laws were remodeling a lot of their house and getting rid of their doors. When I heard this, I jumped on the chance at getting their screen door. I have seen lots of repurposed screen doors around lately, on Pinterest and at furniture stores, so I thought it would be a blast to make my own!
Well, it sat in my craft room for months because I just could not get in my head what I wanted to do exactly. If I have inspiration for a project, I can get it done fast and I dont have any problems started. However, if I can't find that inspiration or know exactly what I want, it can take me forever to get going!
I finally decided what I wanted to do and got started this weekend. I was able to get a lot done but I needed my husbands help holding things up and screwing the shelf, etc. This was our brief conversation:
after going to the store and getting supplies,
Me: "Can you help me screw the shelf onto the door? I have it marked and ready to go"
Jeff: sitting on the couch playing on his iPad watching some graphic movie, "now??!"
Me: "That would be nice, yes."
Jeff: "you know you dont have to finish a project in 3 hours. You can take your time."

No! I am so impatient! When I want to get something done, I want it done NOW! lol The absolute worst is when something happens during the DIY process, like running out of supplies or something breaks, and I can't do anything until that step is completed but it is either too late to go to the store or it is closed. WORST FEELING EVER!

Anyways, so back to the door. I decided to put a handle back on it. I wanted to put hinges too but I couldnt find any I liked so that didnt happen.

I also added a shelf. I had some scrap wood from our playroom shelves so I had Jeff cut it the length I needed and just stained it and screwed it on from the back.

I then got glass cut to fit the large openings in the door. The top one I used the mirror spray paint I mentioned here and the bottom I added a decal that says "There's no place like home." That decal took 2 tries... oops! The first one I added before putting the glass on the door and then realized I didnt account for the corners so the decal was covered. The second one I cut up and added each word individually. If you think wall decals are hard enough, try getting 6 pieces to line up with each other without being able to mark the material it is going on to! (not to mention 2 toddlers insistent that they need to help).

I then added 2 decorative corner brackets to act as feet to the front. This gives it some stability from falling forward.

Since it is fragile it was a MUST that I attach it to the wall. I can't risk one of the girls bumping it and it falling. That would be BAD!

All in all, it turned out really nice and just like I had pictured (which is really rare! lol)

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Julia Kendrick said...

I LOVE this! It is so clever! Thanks for sharing! I would love if you would share this at my linky party today at! I hope you have a great day!


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