Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Linen Closet: before and after

Not a lot of projects going on around here but we have been very busy. Between being out of town and having visitors, I haven't gotten any fun projects done but one thing's for sure, nesting is in full gear! I have about 7ish weeks left (I lost count at the moment) so I am READY to be done and hold my baby.
Have I mentioned I tend to get obsessed when I start a project? It drives Jeff crazy lol. I started going through Jackson's closet to start organizing it which led to going through baby blankets, which led to going through our blanket chests, which then led to our hall linen closet. Help me!
Just for fun, and because I wanted to post something tonight, here are the linen closet before and after pictures:


Now, back to work on Jacksons closet lol. 
Have a good night and hump day tomorrow!

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