Sunday, September 5, 2010

Avery 7 Months

Avery is 7 months old today! She is growing so fast and changing every day. (this picture is 3 days old, but she's in bed now and I forgot to get one of her today)
All I really have to report this month are a few things:

1. She is doing great with her baby food now. We are just eating twice a day, but will be moving to 3 very soon. She is a lot less sloppy and can actually keep her clothes on while she eats! lol
2. She is really trying to figure out how to hold her bottle by herself. She gets frustrated is I do it for her when she is trying. It's really funny to watch her personality come out. I think she gets that determination from her daddy ;)
3. She is starting to say "mama." I can't quite figure out if she is associating it with me, but I like to think she is, lol.
4. She wants to crawl so bad!! She falls a lot and there's lots of tears lately because of it, but I know that will just keep going as she learns to walk, too. She does this weird yoga-like pose where she sits Indian style and then pulls up to where all of her weight is on the sides of her feet and shins. Only a baby can be that limber...
5. Mirrors are the new means of entertainment. She's always thought they were fun, but now they are hilarious! I gave her my hand held mirror to play with and she will sit there and laugh at herself... with me laughing at her, of course ;)

6. We are quickly growing out of our car seat. I am not sure why, but the one we own does not adjust any higher, so I think I am going to have to buy this one:It's nice because it is for infants through toddlers and is convertible in that it sits backwards and frontwards. Graco seems to be the only one that offers 2 built in cup holders, too; That is a must for toddlers!

**That's a whole other post on the issues I am having with my car seat/stroller situation, anyways.**
7. We are taking our first flight to Houston tomorrow. I will be by myself so I am very nervous; I think she will do fine, though. She gets so incredibly squirmy that I know it will be exhausting trying to keep her occupied, but luckily it's a short flight.
8. She had her first stomach virus this month. That was so aweful! I won't go into the gruesome details, but she had me on edge for a whole week. I seriously dont know how moms do it with babies that are in the hospital. They are so strong! I will be a mess the day she gets something worse than what she had. Needless to say, I caught what she had and could quickly understand all of the tears, restless nights, and fussy days. She got over it, though and is healthier for it.

Other than those things, we are doing great and growing into a little girl... she's not a little tiny baby anymore :(

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Stori said...

She is so smart! She knows it's you!!!


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