Monday, November 19, 2012

Pantry Makeover

I am so thankful to have my energy back and to be feeling 1000x better! I really did not intend on going this far but I got a little carried away. I really just wanted to clean out the pantry enough to get rid of any expired cans/cereals/etc and to find some appliances for my in-laws garage sale this weekend. I really wish I would have taken a before picture; You could hardly walk in our large walk-in pantry, let alone find anything you wanted. It was bad!!
I still have a little to do since Target didn’t have enough baskets for me but this is good enough for me to be proud of. My first accomplishment in several weeks needs recognition!! Smile Oh the things I get excited about these days…. I have kind of a boring life lol.
Here is a shot looking into the pantry. (I really want a wide angle lens, by the way!)
Notice a few things that I love 1. the baskets. I found the big ones at Target on sale for $8 and the metal mesh and bushel style ones at Hobby Lobby 50% off. Score!! 2. I also stocked up on plastic storage for the cereal and the pop up lid OXO kind for pasta and baking stuff. 3. all of the appliances are unwrapped and lined up nicely on the top shelf. I love being able to easily and quickly access the food processer, griddle, crock pot so easily! 4. My other favorite is out of view but it’s how I organize my spice packs. Ill show a picture below.
Here is the awesome spice rack that is attached to the door. It is so nice and sturdy and the horizontal rods that keep the spices from falling are adjustable for skinny to fat spice bottles. I was able to get rid of tons of spices that we NEVER use (some are were even from our wedding gift spice rack thing. I think if I have not used it in 5 years I don't really need it) and narrow it down to just what fit in the door and a few on the shelf.
As you can see in the picture I have a large Target bag full of cookie cutters that I still need to figure out what to do with. maybe another basket Smile. Remember my “Treats” letters?
*(excuse this HORRIBLE picture above. I couldn’t get a good exposure without the flash. An external speedlight is on my very near wish list!)
Here’s a close up of my cereal just for kicks Winking smile
And, My pop-up OXO containers for backing stuff and pasta. Avery loves to pick out what shape noodles she wants at meal time. Whatever it takes to get her to eat!!
Here’s a close up of the wire baskets from Hobby Lobby. This is not what I originally had in mind but when I saw these on a display by the check out I HAD to have them! I love that they came in round and rectangle and I love the lace on the edge of the lining along with the bows. The handles on the rectangles are super cute, too!
I used these to organize the kid snacks. Candy, fruit snacks, cookies and cake mixes, nuts and peanut butter/nutella, crackers and pretzels, baking stuff like sprinkles and icings and food colors, etc.
These are the baskets from Target. I have a 3rd with breads in it out of view. I need to get 2 more; 1 for more coffee stuff and other drink mixes.
These are the bushel style baskets I intend for potatoes and onions. I don’t have any at the moment but it will be real cute filled with produce!
I got rid of the huge paper box from Sam’s Club full of plastic silverware that was full of plastic silverware we have accumulated from birthday parties, showers, vacations, and just every day. I had to sacrifice 3 of my large Tupperware but I couldn’t find a better solution at the store. Good enough! Now I can easily find a fork if I need one, or a spoon, or a knife! ahhh bliss lol
Here’s is my solution to all those packets of spices that get tossed around and lost between other things. A clear over-the-door shoe organizer! I’ve actually had this up for a long time but never really talked about it. I feel like a genius for coming up with this one (even though I am sure I am not the first)! lol
I even use one of the slots for clips and twist ties!
Here’s my plastic bag holder and spot for my aprons to hang. nothing real special here, but it’s functional!
And, finally, my open floor!! I hate that I don’t have anywhere else to store my empty china boxes but they are pretty much out of the way, so oh well. Also, that purple bag on the floor is a large insulated bag that is full of smaller ice chest bags and such for bottles. I think I threw about 10 in the garage sale stack, too! I had WAY too many!! lol

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