Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Playroom Makeover

Currently we have to share an office and playroom. It works great, actually, because neither of us work from home so we really only use the “office” desk for recreational computer use (aka blogging Winking smile). When I do need to do some photo editing or something, the girls can be playing in the same room as me so it’s actually pretty convenient. Anyways, back to the makeover.
I mentioned here that I will be doing lots to this room. Before baby #3 gets here, I want to get this room done since our current guestroom will become this baby’s nursery. Therefore, I will need to make this room a guestroom as well! Here are some of my plans:
1. The new toy storage. I plan to get my dad to help me build this in January. I have a rough sketch of what I want and plan to paint it grey. There is a TV mount on the wall and we currently have a 40” TV hanging there so the shelving has to work around that.
toy storage
my sketch was too big to fully get under my scanner, but the dimensions are the only thing cut off; it will be 8 feet tall and 7’-9” wide. I think I spelled “cubie” wrong… don’t judge me on my grammar or spelling skills!
2. the new sleeper sofa. I know most people hate these but it’s really the only option I can think of right now and I promise to get a mattress topper for it! I need to go try them out but La-Z-Boy has come a long way on their designs and I want to get something super durable and comfy!! I like this design and I will probably pick a grey fabric
3. Throw Pillows. I may make these if I find fabric I like more but for $36 for 2 pillows, I think that’s pretty good!
4. Lamp
4. The window treatments. I thought about making them… for about 5 minutes. lol Then, I found these and really like them so I opted to just buy them. If you can’t tell I am going with a grey and yellow color scheme. I love the combination and its very gender neutral and isn’t too “kidish” for when this room is no longer a toy room.
5. I plan to have Avery and Norah do some art for the walls (probably grey and yellow) and get them framed in some simple white frames like these
6. I would really like to get a decal for the wall. here’s a few I am looking at
decal 1decal 2decal 3decal 4
All of these can be found on
7. Oh! and the best part is that this table that I refinished a while back will be a PERFECT side table for the sofa!! I love it when things like that work out so wonderfully! Smile
I can not wait to do a big reveal of the finished product! I hope it comes out as good as I have planned in my head! Smile


Hannah Riemer said...

Did you get the email I sent you for some children art?

Lisa said...

I love the color combination, gray is my favorite new color.


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