Friday, March 1, 2013

Playroom Makeover Part 4… Before and After

If you follow my blog you will know that I have made several posts on this remodel over the past several months. It takes me that long to ever get stuff done; if only I could do a whole room in one weekend like HGTV.  If you want to go back and read those, you can here:
Part 1
Makeover concept
Makeover concept… take 2
Part 2
Part 3
Again, the whole makeover began when I got pregnant and our guest room was to be turned into the 3rd nursery. We still wanted a place for people to sleep when they come without having to get out air mattresses. Combining the playroom and guestroom has worked better than I ever thought!
Here are the wonderful before pictures. ( I took these on my phone so they aren’t the best quality) I was using some cheap shelves from Target which worked ok but since everything was right at eye level for the girls, everything was immediately thrown onto the floor. It was such an unorganized mess ALL OF THE TIME that it stressed me out just to go in the playroom. The only place for me to sit was the rocking chair which really isn’t that comfortable without several pillows so I pretty much just sat on the floor…. No window treatments, an old handy-me-down dresser for movies which the drawers didn’t even fit DVD cases correctly so they were a mess in there too. The desk was a disaster but I addressed that in Part 1.
And, here is the state it pretty much always stayed in. I could not keep up. They would get upset when they couldn’t find pieces to things and then be tripping all over toys just trying to get to their bean bags. Looks like a child case of Hoarders. TERRIBLE!
Can you find the child among the toys?? lol
I started with cleaning up the desk area. I still need a computer desk chair but we never sit at the computer any more since we got ipads; only when I need to edit photos here and there or blog, but right now I am sitting in our recliner in the living room. Needless to say, I am not in a rush to get something.
I moved the chalkboard to the opposite wall and hung the tins of chalk next to it.
The wood doll house is awesome! it fits 12” dolls so their princess dolls and Barbies work great in there. The best part is that everything is very durable and there’s no small pieces!
The shelves are just simply amazing. I love how they frame the TV! Not going to be long though and we may have to add on!
The Daybed is great to sit on and watch TV or for me to hang out on while the girls play. In fact, the bean bags pretty much never get sat in anymore and Avery is convinced we put it in there just for her. When we were setting it up she kept telling us “I just love it! Thank you mommy, it’s my favorite!” haha That kid! Jeff watches TV in there more than in the living room!
The tall cabinet to the right of the day bed is filled with dress up clothes. It also is starting to over flow!

Some of my favorite parts of the room are the curtains with matching throw pillows I made. Also, the trundle was free from my inlaws! I couldn’t find a day bed bedding set that I liked that also matched the curtains so I just got a grey quilt in queen size to act as the cover and bedding, got some ivory sheets and throw pillows, along with the green throw quilt and sham that will be the bedding for the trundle bed when needed. I think it all really came together. The best part is that when the toys do get out of control and messy, it never gets as bad as before and I have a separate tub for each set of toys so everything can easily be found. It never takes me as long to pick up.
I think the girls have a pretty awesome playroom and one that they should be very thankful for!! lol

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Lisa said...

Amazing transformation, I love the bird fabric! Makes me want to get busy organizing and decorating!


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